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Ronald has always appreciated a variety of art styles, particularly impressionist paintings and abstract art. He has been inspired by these artistic styles to create something similar with a camera. Many of the pictures are created using intentional camera movement (ICM) techniques. Nature is the inspiration for these photographs using the interaction of shafts of light on water and in forests, and the textures of rock and vegetation.

The abstract images are printed on all the media Ronald uses for his classic landscape photographs in his Portree workshop on the Isle of Skye.  Canvas images in particular can be printed in larger formats and create a big impact. These abstract photographs provide an accessible entry into the abstract art genre and are very affordable compared to abstract paintings. They were taken all over the world, including the USA, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia and of course Scotland. The canvas prints are ideal for interior design since there is a large range of styles and colours. We have many more in our catalogue so please get in touch if there is a particular style that interests you, but you don’t see a suitable image on the website.

Print Sizes

These are our standard print sizes for our Abstract images all printed on Polycotton canvas. Please note that our square format prints can only be supplied for prints that are shown as square in our gallery. If you would like an Abstract print printed onto another format, please email us with your preferred option.

Canvas Square Format      
Mini Wrap Stretched 203x203mm 8x8in
Small Wrap Stretched 304x304mm 12x12in
Medium Wrap Stretched          508x508mm 20x20in
Medium Wrap Rolled in Tube 508x508mm                      20x20in
Large Wrap Rolled in Tube 762x762mm    30x30in
X Large Wrap  Rolled in Tube 965x965mm 38x38in



Follow our blog to hear of my latest adventures when out with the camera and the new locations I explore.

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Skye Gallery

Visit our An t-Eilean Gallery in Portree on the Isle of Skye. We always have a large section of our print on display.

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